The advantages of corrugated carton processing technology in flexo printing

Flexographic technology is very suitable for application in corrugated box processing due to the use of flexible flexo plates. Its specific advantages are mainly reflected in the following six aspects:

1. Flexible printing technology adapts to a wider range

The hand-engraved rubber used in the early corrugating process can only be used to print lines, text, and the field. The use of flexo technology not only replicates the field version but also replicates the cable version. Now, the printing of corrugated boxes has evolved from a simple text block to a multicolor screen, so the use of flexo technology is an inevitable rule. At the same time, the flexo printing technology is more convenient than the traditional engraving rubber plate making, and the quality of the printing plate is also better, and it is in line with the requirements of the era of flow and corrugated paper printing.

2. Flexible media is more suitable for the printing of corrugated cardboard

Among printing materials, corrugated board is the one with the greatest difference in thickness and the worst surface flatness. This problem is particularly acute when A and C are used as two-layer composites. The use of flexo printing technology for corrugated paper printing, can be used to make up for the difference in thickness and surface of the corrugated board through the compression deformation of the flexible version body, which can not only meet the printing requirements, but also make the ink more uniform, the printing quality better, and it can also reduce Waste rate in the printing process. Flexible plates for corrugated boxes are usually relatively thick, typically between 3 and 7 mm thick.

3. Less printing pressure does not destroy the printing materials

Corrugated board printing is not uniform pressure, squatting convex pressure, sag pressure is small. If printing is carried out in a relatively large pressure, it is very likely that the original 楞-shaped structure of corrugated paper will be damaged. Therefore, plain printing and gravure printing are not the ideal methods for printing on corrugated paper. The flexo printing technology belongs to light pressure printing, and the elastic deformation of the printing plate is relatively large, which can ensure that the corrugated paper surface is in full contact with it without destroying the 楞-shaped structure.

4. Water-based ink more in line with environmental requirements

At present, flexo technology uses water-based inks. Compared with solvent-based inks, water-based inks have very little contamination, are more environmentally friendly, and have lower costs. At the same time, paper is a very good hydrophilic material. Printing is done using water-based inks. Water as a solvent can be quickly absorbed by the paper, so its drying performance is better.

5. The equipment structure is simple, suitable for making big

The corrugated board used in the processing of corrugated boxes is generally large in area, and a width of 2, 3 meters is common, which makes the complex structure of the offset printing prohibitive. The flexographic printing press has a relatively simple structure, and it is easier to manufacture a wide-width, large-diameter cylinder, and the stability of the equipment is also easier to control. Therefore, corrugated box printing is generally completed by using flexo printing technology.

6. Can be combined with other processes to form a production line

Corrugated board is heavier, and each sheet is labor-intensive and can not meet the requirements of mass production, nor can it form a scale. Due to its simple structure, the flexo printer can be combined with other processes to form a production line, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity. Nowadays, most corrugated box printers are linked with indentation and slotting. The machine with good functions can be completed with indentation, slotting, die cutting, gluing, box making and counting.

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