Effect of Moisture in Formulation Design of Plastic Intaglio Printing Inks

For plastic inks, either gravure inks or flexographic inks, either table or ink. As long as it is not water-based ink, it depends on the small amount of water contained in the ink as a major hazard to the formulation design. In many cases, the ink contains a small amount of water. However, the storage, use, and post-processing of qualified inks will bring great hidden troubles.

Intaglio printing inks (including surface printing inks and inward printing inks) The raw materials of these inks have more or less moisture problems in the production process and printing process, sometimes they are slight and the quality of the ink itself does not show any significant difference, but the production environment Humidity in the air has increased significantly. Inexplicably, there is a problem with the quality of the ink.

The moisture content of the gravure ink can degrade the fluidity of the ink. This pseudo-viscosity will cause difficulties in the transfer of printing ink, and will also cause poor wettability of the ink on the printed substrate (because the wettability of the ink on the printed substrate is the precondition for the formation of adhesion fastness) and also for the ink. Dryness has an effect, and even the viscosity of the printing ink may become thicker or fatigued during the printing process, making printing impossible. Specific methods for controlling the moisture content of gravure inks:

1. Control the moisture content of raw materials, especially use organic solvents with low moisture content.

2, control and reduce the temperature and humidity of the printing environment, it is best to do constant temperature and humidity.

3. Slowly dry solvents should be added to printed products with small print area. The prevention of vaporization due to the volatilization of the solvent causes the temperature to drop, dew condensation of moisture in the surrounding air, and increases the amount of moisture in the ink.

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