Commodity packaging design: an important part of marketing (on)

[Abstract] Packaging design is an important part of modern commodity marketing. The functional concept of packaging design was discussed, the color and emotion of packaging design were discussed, and the prospect of green packaging was prospected. It is pointed out that packaging design should develop national characteristics, keep pace with the times, and stimulate consumers' desire to purchase.

[Key words] packaging design, commodity, color, promotion idea, green packaging, ethnic characteristics

Packaging is one of the most important links in the production and marketing of modern commodities. The pros and cons of packaging are directly related to the value of commodities in the market circulation. The initial packaging of goods is mainly for the convenience of customers. With the development of the market economy, people began to realize that as a visual communication tool, commodity packaging is by no means an optional thing, but the face of a commodity. Modern packaging is becoming a simple, clear form. Indispensable part of the product. Packaging not only gives the product a unique personality, but also creates a perfect visual image for the product. At present, packaging has become a most direct means of competition for goods manufacturers and distributors. Packaging is the self-presentation of goods to customers. It has become a prerequisite for consumers to judge the quality of goods. With the continuous deepening of China's accession to the WTO, the necessity and importance of commodity packaging have emerged day by day. People have constantly experienced that in today's economic globalization, only the exquisite commodity packaging and high-quality goods can be the attention and favor of the majority of consumers, in order to stabilize the competition in the fierce market competition.

First, the functional concept of packaging design

1 Safety concept. Ensuring product and consumer safety is the most fundamental starting point for packaging design. In the design of commodity packaging, safety protection measures such as storage, transportation, exhibition and sales, and use and use should be considered based on the attributes of the commodities. Different commodities may require different packaging materials. Currently available materials include metals, glass, ceramics, plastics, cardboard, etc. When selecting the packaging materials, we must ensure the material's seismic, compressive, tensile, anti-squeeze, anti-wear properties, but also pay attention to the sun, moisture, corrosion, leak-proof, and flame-retardant products, and ensure that the goods under any circumstances All intact.

2 Promotion Ideas. Promoting product sales is one of the most important functional concepts of packaging design. In the past, when people purchased goods, they mainly depended on the promotion and introduction of salespersons. Now, supermarket self-selection becomes the most common way for people to buy goods. In the process of consumer shopping, goods packaging naturally acts as a silent advertisement or a silent salesman. If product packaging design can attract the attention of consumers and fully stimulate their desire to buy, then the packaging design truly reflects the concept of promotion.

3 production concept. Packaging design to ensure that while styling, we must consider whether the design can achieve accurate, rapid, mass production, can help workers quickly and accurately processing, molding, loading and sealing. In the design of commodity packaging, proper packaging materials should be selected based on the attributes of products, use value, consumer groups, etc., in order to unify the form and content, and fully consider the time saving of production and processing in order to speed up the circulation of commodities.

4 Humanity concept. Excellent packaging design must adapt to the storage, transportation, exhibition, and the consumer's carrying and opening. For this reason, in the packaging design of goods, it is necessary to make the ratio of the box-type structure reasonable, rigorous structure, exquisite shape, focus on the shape of box-type and material beauty, contrast and coordination beauty, rhythm and rhythm beauty, and strive to achieve the box-type structure function Complete and exquisite appearance to adapt to production, sales and even use. Common commodity packaging structures include portable, suspended, open, windowed, closed, or combinations of several types.

5 artistic concept. Excellent packaging design should also have perfect artistic quality. Packaging is an art that directly beautifies goods. Products that are exquisitely packaged and of high value for art appreciation are more likely to jump out of a large pile of goods and give people a beautiful enjoyment, thereby winning the favor of consumers.

6 Environmental protection concept. The awareness of environmental protection in modern society has become the consensus of most countries in the world. Under the trend of ecological environmental protection, only product packaging designs that do not pollute the environment and do not harm human health may become consumers' ultimate choice. Especially in food packaging, more attention should be paid to green packages.

7 Visual Communication Concept. The essential characteristics of visual communication are simple and clear. Excessively modified content can only cause mutual interference, making the packaging theme difficult to highlight, not only affecting visual impact, but also misleading consumers' thinking. According to the laws of visual communication, in the process of product packaging design, unnecessary visual elements should be removed as much as possible, and the visual theme should be emphasized to find the most creative and expressive visual communication methods.

(to be continued)

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