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Patent Name Vertical Filling Machine Patent Applicant Changzhou Tom Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 213166 Inventor of Nanxiashu Town Industrial Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province Tang Jianrong; Xu Genbao; Cai Jian Application (Patent) No. 200420080670.0 Date of Application 2004.10 .29 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 2737671 Auditor’s announcement date 2005.11.02 Manual CD-ROM D0544 Main classification number B65B1/00 Classification No. B65B1/00; B65B3/00; B67C3/00 Sub-case Original Application No. Disclosed is a vertical type filling machine having a frame (1), a transmission (2), a storage box (3), a container conveying device (4), a storage box lifting device (5), and a filling device (6) The controller (7) is mainly characterized by having a rotary power receiving device (8). The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, small machine installation space, safe and reliable electrical connection, convenient maintenance, and the like. Sovereign item 1, a vertical filling machine with a frame (1), a transmission (2), a storage box (3), a container conveying device (4), a storage box lifting device (5), and filling The device (6) and the controller (7) are characterized in that they further have a rotary electric device (8); and the rotary electric device (8) is a mounting plate (1-1) to the frame (1). -1) Coupling lower flange (8-2), fixed sleeve (8-3), rotating sleeve (8-4), at least 1 connecting ring (8-5) and upper flange (8-6) Composition; the fixed sleeve (8-3) and the lower flange (8-2) are positioned and connected on the same axis, and the rotating sleeve (8-4) is arranged in the fixed sleeve (8-3) and mutually rotates; The rotating sleeve (8-4) is connected with the upper flange (8-6); the upper flange (8-6) is connected with the hollow vertical shaft (2-1) included in the transmission (2); the fixing sleeve ( 8-3) A through-hole (8-3-1) having an internal thread section (8-3-1-1) on the outer side equal to the number of the connecting coils (8-5) is provided along the axial direction thereof, Inside the through hole (8-3-1), an external electric pole (8-3-2), a spring (8-3-3) and an adjusting screw (8-3-4) are provided in order from the inside to the outside; the external electric pole (8-3-2) It can be electrically connected to the external conductor (8-9); the connecting ring (8-5) is mounted on the outer circle of the rotary sleeve (8-4) at intervals and connected to the electric circle. Outside (8-5) The circle is in contact with the external column (8-3-2); the inner column (8-5-1) is provided on the inner wall of the connection ring (8-5), and the inner column (8) -5-1) Inserted in the long slot (8-4-1) provided in the axial direction of the rotating sleeve (8-4); the inner connecting rod (8-5-1) can be connected to the inner wire (8-10) Electrical connection. International Application International Publication Entering Country Date Patent Agency Changzhou Tianlong Patent Office Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Xia Haichu

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