Transparent packaging enhances food sales

NatureWorks PLA packaging is a transparent, innovative packaging made from cereal extracts. It can replace food containers produced using traditional materials. This innovative packaging can be produced with industrial equipment. This plastic, produced from carbon and other elements extracted from plants, is called polylactide (PLA). The production process is through simple fermentation, separation and polymerization.
NatureWorks(tm) PLA is able to attract the attention of global retailers and increase the sales of various fresh food vendors.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

Die-cast Cookware

Die-cast aluminum cookware is generally thicker and retains heat better than pressed aluminum cookware, but it is considerably more expensive. If the cookware has been manufactured by a casting process, it will be called cast aluminum cookware.,which is made by injecting molten aluminum into a metal mold under substantial pressure.

pressed cookware

die-cast cookware

die-cast cookware

Die-Cast Cookware

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