Rosewood furniture

In recent years, the market of rosewood furniture has dominated. Following the successful auction of a Qing Emperor Qianlong rosewood cabinet in Beijing Bohai in June 2006, in March 2007, Hangzhou took another RMB 350,000 to produce a Qing Emperor Qianlong red sandalwood dragon-grained cabinet. In the month, Beijing Zhongmao Shengjia also sold a Qing Dynasty red sandalwood carved dragon pattern with a price of 3.13 million yuan. In October, Sotheby’s Hong Kong made another 2,739,800 yuan to produce a Qing Dynasty royal red rosewood carved leaf-shaped square table.

Red sandalwood, evergreen large trees, grow very slowly, not for hundreds of years. The rosewood is extremely heavy, sinking into the water, and the wood is heavy and meticulous. It is the finest wood for making furniture. Rosewood is mainly distributed in tropical America, Africa, India, Vietnam, Myanmar and the South Sea Islands, and is also cultivated in southern China. It is said that there are more than 70 kinds of rosewood plants in the world, and there are only 15 kinds of good quality. Because the material is mostly purple-black, it is called "red sandalwood".

There are generally the following types of rosewood: one is "cow hair red sandalwood", its wood brown eye is very thin and long, slightly curved, unevenly distributed, because of the cow hair, also known as "cow hair", which is the most common today. Red sandalwood. The second is "chicken blood rosewood", its wood color dark purple with red, fine texture with oily, in the vicinity of the material edge, often see irregular dark red rubbing. The third is "Venus rosewood", which is the leader in rosewood. Its woody texture is firm, its color is purple, and the golden brown eyes sparkle with bright gold spots. There is also a lower grade "Pearl Rosewood", which has a thick brown eye, a thick texture, and a color like rosewood.

China has used a lot of red sandalwood and made the rosewood furniture craft reach its peak. It is the Ming and Qing dynasties. At that time, the rosewood furniture has become a treasure in the Ming and Qing furniture. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to the domestic rosewood lighting, the court sent officials to the Nanyang Islands to purchase, a large number of fleets were continuously transported back to the red sandalwood, until the Ming Dynasty ruined, almost all of the red sandalwood produced by Nanyang was brought to China, and the storage of Guangzhou and Beijing Predatory harvesting, the source is exhausted, which makes the rosewood become the world's rare wood, worth more. During the Qing Dynasty, an unwritten rule was also formed. Anyone who saw the rosewood should be handed over to the palace. In the late Qing Dynasty, all the hoarding rosewoods were used up.

As early as many years ago, there was a boom in collecting Chinese mahogany furniture overseas, especially the red sandalwood is the best, because the red sandalwood has the king of wood. It is said that at the time in Macau, the price of a set of four tables and four stools of rosewood furniture was as high as 900,000 Australian dollars. What is even more shocking is that the overseas auction price of a rosewood case is as high as $325,000. Over the years, the transaction price of rosewood furniture in various auction houses has been praised all the way. For example, the transaction price of a rosewood trampoline in the Qing Dynasty was 770,000 yuan; - the small four-piece cabinet of the 18th century rosewood carving flower was chased to 1.2 million yuan. The final transaction price of a rosewood gold flower bird seat screen is 2.2 million yuan. However, as an investment collection, investors need to have a foresight, or ask relevant experts to check, in order to obtain the expected benefits.

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