Reasons for painting wood products

Coating the surface of wood products to form a decorative protective film to prevent the wood from being damaged due to atmospheric conditions. Therefore, the purpose of the paint is mainly to protect and decorate the wood products.

Once the woodwork is decorated with paint, the surface of the wood is protected. Sunlight, air, moisture, chemicals, insects and dirt are not easy to directly invade the wood, so that the wood products are not damaged quickly, thus prolonging the service life of the products and indirectly saving the wood.

The decorative effect of wood paint is familiar to everyone. People especially appreciate the natural pattern of wood, which is not available in many other materials. The pattern of wood is natural and is a rare natural beauty. However, this natural pattern can only be clearly visible after being colored and painted, and is strengthened and rich in three-dimensional sense, so that it can be preserved. No matter what kind of precious tree species, even if you cut out the most beautiful texture pattern, if you do not paint and color, there is not much beauty.

If a piece of furniture is generous, the material is expensive, the workmanship is fine, and when it is decorated with beautiful paint, this piece of furniture is displayed indoors. It is not only practical, but also a decoration for the room, it gives people a beautiful enjoyment. Such furniture has become a practical work piece to some extent, which shows the decorative effect of paint on wood products.

Therefore, if a piece of wood is not painted, people will naturally think that it has not been completed and cannot be called a finished product.

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