Is mineral beauty a zero-burden aesthetic?

The definition of ore is richer than imagined, from metal ores such as gold, platinum, silver, and copper, to crystalline ores such as amber, agate, diamond, and mica, to volcanic stones such as malachite and obsidian. They are in nature. After thousands of years of baptism, it contains a lot of magnetic fields, energy and minerals. As early as 3,000 years ago, there was a record of the beauty of gold ore in Cleopatra. In ancient Chinese courts, jade was also used to massage the face, which is a delicate beauty recipe for skin; in India, it uses ore to assist seven rounds of energy. Therapy is also a common choice. Ore beauty is not a new thing, but why is it officially glowing today and become a skin care trend? First, we must thank the major brands for their promotion, grasp the mentality of people's minds, and save us from the monotony of plant beauty. On the other hand, naturally, thanks to scientific and technological progress, as early as 10 years ago, mica was a frequent visitor to the beauty products, but it was only a small role that added some radiance particles to the skin to make the skin color brighter. Technology can't break down mineral particles into enough skin to absorb. Nowadays, the emerging nanotechnology breaks down effective minerals into tiny molecules, which can really make a deep effect on the skin. Scientific research can be further In the folklore's ore beauty effect, providing scientific evidence, let us use more peace of mind.

Lithotherapy is accepted as much as botanical beauty. The minerals contained in minerals are indispensable natural substances in the body, which can maintain the health of the skin and body. In addition, it is more resistant to skin, repairs skin, resists free radicals, improves wrinkles and anti-aging effects. These trace elements such as copper, zinc, silicon, potassium, manganese, calcium and iron can awaken the function of skin cells and are indispensable elements for the production of collagen. From a physical point of view, microcrystals can be self-vibrated on the skin surface after treatment. The temperature of the skin will increase by about 0.5 ° C -1 ° C, which promotes microcirculation and helps increase collagen production. These unique elements and ingredients are not mimickable by plants, if mineral ingredients are ignored for the body and skin for a long time. The importance of skin naturally loses its healthy and radiant appearance.

Mineral skin care, really zero burden?

It is believed that wearing precious stones such as crystals, diamonds or emeralds can bring good luck to the body. In the expert's opinion, this is not supernatural energy because these substances have a stable structure, and the biowave energy they release can increase blood circulation. Help the metabolism to return to normal. Different ores have different energies due to their different structures. Ores that can be selected by beauty brands generally have the characteristics of enhancing the absorption of other active ingredients, and help to penetrate water and increase the luster of the skin, but the choice is The brand is differentiated according to the efficacy of the product. For example, Sisley chose the extract of Malachite from Zaire to be added to the moisturizer. It contains copper that keeps the skin's natural antioxidant system (SOD) enzyme active. So that the stratum corneum cells store enough water. Biotherm's ace product, Active Spring Moisture, uses Himalayan Mountain pink minerals to promote cell differentiation in the epidermal layer, enhance the quality of NMF natural moisturizing factors, and stabilize cell water storage.

Different types of ore will have different refining processes. Generally, the first process is to first grind and liquefy the ore, analyze it and find out its active components after filtration, and then stabilize its pH. A trace element that can be active in living things. Another method is to polish ore, etc. into tiny particles for use in combination with skin care products. These powders produce reflected light and promote microcirculation on the skin surface without being absorbed. Today's mineral beauty products are processed and refined in these two ways to ensure that the products achieve good results in terms of continuity and immediacy. It also ensures that no other materials that may be sensitive are added.

Mineral makeup, even if the disfigurers can use?

In addition to mineral skin care, mineral makeup is also a hurricane that cannot be ignored. It is the American brand id that launches the mineral foundation. At the same time, the export number is “the foundation that can be used even if it is disfigured”. After mastering many cosmetic surgery on the market, I want to use makeup in the healing period. Covering the scars, but suffering from the opportunity to find customers who do not irritate the skin makeup products, became famous. In the past year, the country has also launched the need for mineral makeup products, from foundation to eye shadow, blush, the focus of propaganda is transferred to the low stimulation and pollution-free of mineral beauty, because there is no chemical dyes, preservatives, spices, etc. Ingredients for skin allergies, in addition, contain Smithsonite ingredients, which have strong repairing ability; Rhodochrositeextract ingredients can prevent oxidation after sun exposure and promote natural anti-free radical enzymes. It is also an important factor in improving the safety of mineral makeup. In an age when sensitive skin is getting higher and higher, mineral makeup is a general trend.

Most users of mineral powders will love the proper concealer and texture, and even feel that the skin becomes firmer, because minerals give the skin cells a comfortable and controlled feeling, and the face is wrapped in a breathable film. So it looks like it has become tight.

Mineral powder is not suitable for sponge or finger makeup. Be sure to use the paint provided by the product. This brush is harder than the high quality bristles in our previous experience. The purpose is to grasp the powder and better control the dosage. If you use too much, the makeup will be very thick; too little will not work. Tang Yi, a makeup artist, said: "The method is to use a round head to sweep a little powder, then tap the side to pat it, point the foundation on different parts, and then start from the center of the face, with a circular motion from inside to outside. The lymphatic position sweeps, the makeup is natural, and the effect of lifting the contour is enhanced."

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