The electricity shortage has struck, glass companies should prepare

Different from previous years, the area of ​​power shortage this year has obviously expanded. In addition to the southeast coast, serious “electricity shortages” have also appeared in the central provinces of Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, and Anhui. All along, due to the stronger driving force of heavy industry on GDP, the enthusiasm of local governments for the development of heavy industry has increased. With the power shortage provinces gradually releasing restrictions on electricity, heavy industry has suddenly become a key target.

As a high energy-consuming glass bottle company. 1. The production layout should be timely adjusted to communicate with customers in a timely manner to effectively avoid the peak of electricity consumption without affecting the production of glass bottles and guarantee timely contract orders. 2. Reasonably arrange the labor time inside the glass bottle company and stagger the peak of electricity consumption. 3. Accelerate transformation and upgrade, eliminate high energy-consuming equipment, and adapt to modern glass production requirements

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