Too much reliance on skin care products to ignore the inherent regulatory functions of the skin

Without the essence, I feel that this day seems to be 5 years old. I believe that the crow's feet will accelerate when there is no eye cream. ? Many women have completely ignored the inherent regulatory functions of the skin and gradually developed their dependence on skin care products .

The skin is not slippery, it is a layer of film.

"You should grind your big pores." Every time she sees Lily, she will look at my face with anxiety. She recently invited me to recommend a brand of microcrystalline skin particles. The effect in the manual reads “Immediately removes aging keratin, promotes skin renewal, smoothes fine lines and condenses pores.” It is said that you can renovate all of you. The blow is broken."

"But dear, in addition to boron nitride powder and silicone, what's there?" Under her temptation, I tried "microcrystalline" once - squeezed the paste and used it with water. The T-zone is stunned, then I stretch my neck and lean down to the faucet... After I dry my face, I was very embarrassed to ask her this question. Of course, the person who speaks next can only be myself.

Simply put, a crystal composed of a nitrogen atom and a boron atom is called boron nitride. There are three main structures. The crystal structure of the hexagonal body is similar to that of layered graphite, but it is white rather than black, and has good lubrication. Can be used in a variety of industrial applications, such as reducing friction at bearings and sliding parts. Silicone refers to a type of polymer in which an organosilicon compound and a siloxane are interconnected. It has been paid attention to in the cosmetics industry since the 1980s and is widely used for its lubricity and biocompatibility.

Lily's effort to claim the delicate and smooth effect, in my opinion, is derived from the physical properties of the two materials. In other words, the slip you feel is not the slip of your skin texture, but is caused by the attachment of a layer of “membrane”.

However, Lily, who has been "grinding" for more than half a year, has indeed enjoyed it. She is ready to buy a tube and will continue to steal the beauty of her life. In her imagination of crisis, once she is not "Grinding", it is very likely that there will be serious consequences of thick and awkward.

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