Stylish red balloon bench hanging in mid air

In the old French movie "Le Ballon Rouge", a magical red balloon brought a lot of happiness to the hero's childhood. The sincere emotions and excellent film skills of the film conquered many people at the time and left a deep impression on the designers. This "floating" red balloon sofa was inspired by the film. In fact, the balloons on the bench are made of aluminum, and the surface is painted with a layer of lacquer. Among the many balloons, there are nodes connected to the ceiling, thus achieving the effect of “floating”.




Milk frothing pitcher and Latte art pitchers, are used for manual milk frothing to make drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

We carry a number of pitchers, ranging from standard stainless, mirror finish, to different color painting treatment.

Our milk jugs are made of high quality stainless steel, which meet food safe grade. The pitchers will not be rust. 

Besides the traditional shape, we also develop some new designs with customers during these years. 

Milk Pitcher

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