Happiness decoration Shi Deng: The process of decoration is the happiest

Experience: Graduated from Central South Forestry University in 2001, and started his own studio in Shenzhen in 2002. He is engaged in the design of commercial, exhibition, office and other public spaces. He moved to Huizhou at the end of 2008. The decade-long design career has forged his keen insight and imagination, and is good at blending ancient and modern decorative styles and elements. Has been committed to "speak with design" expression and expression, the work strives to design the depth of thought and cultural connotation, advocates the design of people-oriented, the understanding of space volume and the clever use of color matching, highlighting its extraordinary space perception.


Design Director of Happiness Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

Reporter: Hello, Mr. Shi, first of all, thank you for taking the time to accept the exclusive interview with Xizi Home. The day is getting wet. Do you think it will affect the friends who want to start work?

Shi Zong: Generally speaking, it has no effect. Combined with the weather in Huizhou, the current wet weather should not last long. The wet weather has a great influence on the middle and late stages of the interior decoration project, such as woodworking, paint and other types of work, but it has no effect on the early stage of the decoration, because the early stage is generally the demolition of walls, piping, wiring and other types of work.

Reporter: Everyone knows that Happiness Decoration has always advocated consumers to integrate home mode decoration, but at present, many netizens about the concept of integrated home are not very clear, you can explain to us what is the difference between the integrated home and the traditional home. ?

Shi Zong: Huizhou's home improvement industry is mainly based on engineering decoration. After the completion of the basic engineering decoration, all furniture appliances, software accessories and room layouts must be purchased by the owners themselves. The owners themselves do not have such strong professionalism. Basic knowledge and overall color matching ability, it is difficult to put out the desired effect. Happiness Integrated Home Mode is a one-stop full-service mode. It integrates forward and backward integration outside the traditional design and construction process, horizontal and vertical cross work, furniture, cabinets, kitchen ceiling, floor Tiles, wooden doors, curtain fabrics, etc. are included in the decoration production process, and are equipped with integrated decoration follow-up services, so that your home "raw house into the bag", forming a factory-line production line; customers during renovation It is not necessary to buy all kinds of home building materials everywhere, but at the same time as the decoration process, other household products are also produced at the factory. After the production is completed, the products are sent to the customer's home for seamless assembly; and through the overall design, sales tracking, crossover The operation coordination, after-sales service and other processes make the whole decoration scientific and reasonable, and the customer does not have to run in the Middle East during the entire renovation process.

Reporter: I understand the advantages of integrating homes. The reporter thought that if the integrated home mode is used, will the price be high?

Shi Zong: The biggest advantage of the integrated home mode is that its price is more affordable than traditional home improvement (the same kind of comparability), the effect is more outstanding! Why do you say that? In the traditional home decoration mode, here is the design of the decoration company, where to visit the building materials market to buy ceramic tiles and cabinets. Also go to the mall to see furniture, buy electrical curtains and so on. After spending two or three months, I want a stylish and tasteful personal home environment. After I finished the work, I found that it was far from the dream... and the cost was paid separately, and there were too many links in the middle retailer. In this way, the total price is surprisingly high. And integrated home mode? In the purchase of materials and kitchen cabinets, furniture and other products, it is a model for consumers to connect with manufacturers. It lacks the links of intermediate retailers; more discounts are available on the price. At the same time, before the start of construction, you will be able to design (furniture, cabinets, bathroom, lighting, paintings, etc.) in one time, completely in accordance with the established plan, basically will not exceed the budget, even if there are after-sales problems, hit a The phone was fixed, and it was relieved of the trouble of looking for the West and the businesses to shirk each other. Therefore, the integrated home mode in terms of price and effect has an absolute advantage.

Reporter: Originally, the reporter wanted to ask you why some people said that the decoration was painful, while some people said that the decoration was a happy decoration. Now think about it, this problem should be solved.

Shi Zong: The most embarrassing thing about decorating a house is that you don’t understand anything, so it’s painful. "Integrated Home Solutions" is a design that takes into account the house and the designer to determine the home. The latter thing is not to worry about it. In fact, the process of decoration is the happiest, because it is a kind of happiness to buy a house, and to create a warm living space is happier, so we need a good attitude first. It is not enough to have a good attitude, but also have a good choice! If the chosen decoration company is not good, then a good mentality will become a painful thing. The integrated home mode truly allows you to enjoy the tedious process of decoration, just enjoy the joy.

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