Look at the feng shui of the lamps and lanterns that enhance the fortune!

From the perspective of feng shui, just the right lighting layout has the effect of improving household wealth and reducing the bad gas field brought by the dark areas in the home. This article will explain how to use the "eyes" of Feng Shui to select and arrange home lighting from the choice of home lighting styles, the deployment of luminosity, the selection of numbers, and the lighting.

According to Feng Yi, a master of Feng Shui, the home feng shui is about dragons, caves, sand, water, and, as well as doors, houses and kitchens. The home lighting is designed and matched with the five elements of the home. Lighting lighting in the home feng shui generally pay attention to the use of light color, that is, the use of color changes between cold and warm. The color matching the five elements of the home focuses on the combination of cold and warm, generally based on yang, that is, the warmer colors.

"Light source color is generally divided into: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, white, of which red, orange, yellow light source is a warm light source, green, blue, blue, purple, white light source is a cold light source, white light is The incandescent light pipe that everyone uses. The cold light source gives people a mysterious and dreamy feeling. The yang (heating) is mainly equipped with a suitable amount of white light source, which is most suitable for people to live in." Lin Yi said.

To be honest, according to the above principles, it can be attributed to the words "shadow and dark". For example, the study room and kitchen should have sufficient light and the bedroom lighting should be soft. In particular, the light should not be directed to the bed, which would make it difficult to sleep. In addition, home lighting is generally not suitable for the choice of red lights and neon lights with large flashing lights, it is easy to create a feeling of irritability.

First, the style

Better coordination with home design

In the choice of lighting style, Lin Yi thought that there is not much limitation from the wind and water, and you can freely choose the style that suits your favorite style. If you coordinate better with your home design, the lighting options are good for you.

Such as classical lighting, it has a classical charm, simple and connotation, from the role of the town house, can help the cause of transportation; fashion lighting design novelty, modern sense, to help people progress, to promote the role of wealth; and luxurious lighting is noble and noble, generous, It plays a role in helping people to be prosperous; crystal lamps are elegant and luxurious, star-studded, and play a role in prosperous wealth.

In addition, some feng shui masters believe that there are two types of lamps in the home are generally not suitable for use. One type is a candlestick-shaped chandelier. This type of lamp is called "the main mourning" in Feng Shui, especially the white candlelight. Because it is similar to the white candle used in traditional funeral rituals, it is very easy to bring for the elderly in the family. The psychological shadows, which affect the health; the second type is the pendant chandelier, because the reduction of the visual space of the ceiling and the ground, if placed on the seat will cause the passengers to bring heavy psychological depression, the hem has a sharp corner More bad.

Second, the layout

Three lights should be kept in the house.

After understanding the color and style of the lighting, it is the layout of the lighting at home. From the perspective of Feng Shui, good lighting layout can play a role in decontamination. For example, if you have a dark, wet corridor, you should use a long red light to reduce its bad magnetic field.

Bright luminaires can be placed at the "corner" of the home to receive the "filling angle" effect. In addition, if there is no way to decorate the home beam, the wall lamp can be installed at the lower ends of the beam, and the upward illumination can reduce the psychological pressure brought by the beam. Regardless of the layout, in general, three lights in the home are a must.

The first is the Mingtang lamp: the area in front of the gate or the Mingtang of the house. The indicator lights on it will help the fortune of each house in Mingtang and play a common prosperity.

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