2012 spring and summer make-up - fluorescent lip color

The four major fashion weeks have come to an end, and the different styles of fashion and ingenious makeup on the show floor are impressive. Bright and dazzling colors, simple and contoured contours are one of the most important themes of the next season's clothing and makeup.

Fluorescent lip balm - shine on the runway show!

Fluorescent lipstick

At New York Fashion Week, it is not difficult to find beautiful and high-profile colors occupying many shows. The minimalist silhouette of the garment is cut with a bright fluorescent color. From fluorescent yellow to phosphor, even more eye-catching oranges and blues, reminiscent of the most primitive abstract paintings. Whether it is the same color block, or the contrast color, the saturated and rich colors continue the trend of the previous season. The difference is that this season's colors are softer and fresher, giving people a warm feeling.

High-profile color

Correspondingly, in terms of makeup, the stylist no longer uses retro red lips, but through the stage of New York Fashion Week, the fluorescent lipstick shines with a strong posture - a variety of high-profile phosphors, fluorescent Orange, even fluorescent purple, makes the lips the crowning touch of the entire makeup, echoing the shape of the clothing, I believe that "high-profile color" will be reflected in the makeup of 2012.

Makeup Tips

When using fluorescent lipstick, be sure to keep the makeup clean and avoid large color patches on the eyes or cheeks, especially cool colors such as blue and green.

M.A.C fashion lipstick

1 MAC Fashion Lipstick RMB150

Shu uemura colorless lipstick

2 Shu uemura colorless lip balm RMB220

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