Alginic acid

English name: Alginic acid from brown algae; Mixed polymer of mannuronic and guluronic acid
Other names: alginic acid; alginic acid; alginic acid; alginic acid
CAS number: 9005-32-7
Molecular formula: (C6H8O6) n
Level: BR
Content (carboxyl groups) (on a dry basis): 19-25% (titration analysis method)

Infrared spectrometry: Matching with the reference, drying loss: <15% (2 g, 105 ° C, 4 hours)
Starch: does not show blue heavy metal: ≤0.004%
Arsenic salt: ≤0.0003%
Properties: white to light yellow-brown, odorless, tasteless powder. A colloidal substance made from seaweed is a polymer of β-anhydrous d-mannuronic acid. Soluble in alkaline solution, slightly soluble in hot water, very slightly soluble in cold water and organic solvents. Soluble in alkali metal hydroxide. The pH value of the 3% aqueous solution is 1.3 to 5.5, and it can absorb 200 to 300 times its weight of water. It can slowly decompose under warm conditions and the molecular weight becomes smaller. It is used as a pharmaceutical excipient, used as a tablet binder, disintegrant, thickener, suspending agent. Melting point: 300 ° C.
Uses: biochemical research. Emulsifier. Protective colloid preservation: RT

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