Exercise for the recovery of coronary heart disease

This set of exercises is mainly used for the recovery period of coronary heart disease. If the symptoms are obvious, it can be carried out in bed. As the condition improves, it can be taken by sitting or standing under the guidance of medical staff.


    (1) Wiping action. Rub both hands and rub the face with both palms. Rub the forehead from the sides of the nose to the lower jaw and rub it upwards. One time for one time, rub 32 times.

   (2) Caries, tongue rotation, and swallowing. The action is the same as before.

   (3) bed-style abdominal breathing exercise. Lying on the back or in the right side, revealing the light of the front line, eliminating distracting thoughts, focusing on the Shenque points, doing natural and soft abdominal breathing. The mouth is slightly closed, and the intention is to breathe in the abdomen, as if the abdomen is used to bring the nose to breathe. Exhalation and inhalation time are about the same, and can be breathed 32 times.

   (4) Strengthen the inhalation breathing method. Standing, the two arms are naturally drooping, the two feet are separated as the shoulder width, the eyes are flat, the whole body is relaxed, the distracting thoughts are removed, and the gods are considered. Breathe with your nose or nose. The inspiratory time is prolonged, and the ratio to the expiratory time is initially 3:2, and gradually extended to 2:1. The breath of each breath should be as fine as possible, so that even if the feathers are placed in front of the nose, they will not be as soft as blowing. When exhaling with your mouth, you must gently close the upper and lower teeth and close the mouth slightly. Strengthen the inhalation breathing method should be gradual, consciously comfortable, the inhalation should not be too deep and too long, should not be forced to practice and suffocating. You can practice 32 times each time, and do more according to your physical strength. For patients who are frail or have a seizure, they can take a sitting or horizontal exercise. This method is effective for patients with sinus bradycardia.


    (5) Upper limb movement. After the acute myocardial infarction enters the recovery period, some simple upper limb exercises can be performed under the guidance of medical personnel. Lying on the back, the upper arm rests on the bed, bends the elbow, the fingers of both hands open naturally, and the fingertips are upward.

1 2 hands clenched, then loose fists into a preparatory posture, repeated 16 times;

2 The wrist and elbow are slightly flexed, and the hand and forearm make a circular motion from the outside to the inside, so that the hand loops around the ring 16 times.

   (6) Lower limb movement. After the acute myocardial infarction enters the recovery period, some simple lower limb movements can be performed under the guidance of medical personnel. Sit on your back, straighten your legs, place your legs naturally on the bed, palm down, and relax your abdomen.

1 one leg flexion and extension, when the knee is flexed, the knee joint is fully flexed, the hip joint is flexed to 900, the ankle joint is rotated once, and then the leg is straightened and restored, and the other leg is made for 8 times;

2 One leg is raised, the calf is half-flexed, the ankle joint is made to wrap around once, and then returns to the preparatory position. So the legs are alternated 8 times.

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