No need to worry about projector maintenance: experts teach you 23 small doors

1. Do not install this projector on an unstable surface, and do not place the projector on a shaking car, table, or table.

2. Do not place this projector in a container containing liquid, and do not place vases, flower pots, cups, cosmetics, liquids (such as water), etc. on this projector.

3. Please use the accessories only according to the recommended method, and do not damage, cut, handle or twist the power cord.

4. Please use the type of power supply according to the selection items prompted on the projector. In the case that you cannot confirm, please consult the dealer and the local electrical company.

5. Please put the projector near the wall socket where you can easily unplug it.

6. Please insert the grounded three-pin plug of the projector into a properly grounded socket. If you are using a two-pin socket, please replace the electrician with a three-pin socket.

7. When plugging or unplugging, please pay special attention to the following operations, operations that violate regulations will cause sparks or fire.

(1) Do not insert the plug into a dusty socket.

(2) Make the plug and socket closely contact.

8. Do not overload the power socket. Overloading the wiring or socket may cause fire or leakage.

9. Do not place the projector where the power cord is easily stepped on, otherwise the power cord may be worn.

10. Please pull the plug out of the socket before cleaning, please clean with a damp cloth, do not use liquid or alcohol cleaner.

11. Do not block the ventilation slots and ventilation openings on the projector cover. The above openings provide the necessary ventilation conditions for the machine to prevent the projector from overheating. Do not place the projector on a sofa, cushion or other soft object surface, or in a closed small cabinet, unless a good ventilation environment is ensured.

12. Do not insert any objects into the projector through the vents, and do not pour any liquid into the projector.

Daily maintenance method of projector (2)

13. When the projector will not be used for a long time, please unplug it.

14. Please do not put the projector and remote control on heating appliances or hot places, such as in a car.

15. When the following happens: please unplug the projector from the wall socket and ask professional maintenance personnel.

(1) When the power cord or plug is damaged or damaged,

(2) If liquid is accidentally dropped into the projector or the projector is exposed to rain or water,

(3) If you have not performed the correct operation in accordance with the operating procedures, or the performance of the projector is abnormal,

(4) In the event of a fall or a disaster in the house.

16. Many glass products such as lens, light source lamp, etc. are used inside the host. If the light source lamp is broken, please pay full attention when handling to avoid being scratched by debris, and please contact the dealer, especially in the case of using the ceiling mode, when the light source lamp cover is opened, fine glass fragments may fall. Pay full attention to prevent debris from falling into your eyes or mouth.

17. When using the projector, materials or paper may block the air filter under the projector. Remove any objects that will block the air filter under the projector.

18. Please do not remove the projector immediately after use. Doing so can cause severe burns. Before removing the lamp, please turn off the power and wait for the projector to cool down completely after the time specified in the instruction manual.

19. Do not damage the projector or subject it to any collision

Daily maintenance method of projector (2)

20. Do not use the projector after its replacement period has passed. Once the replacement period is exceeded, the possibility of projector breakage increases. When the replacement projector message appears, replace it with a new lamp as soon as possible.

a). The gas of the silver lamp contains mercury vapor. If the lamp ruptures, immediately ventilate the house to prevent the gas leaked due to the lamp rupture from being sucked into the mouth or coming into contact with the eyes.

b). Do not put your face close to the projector when using the projector, otherwise the gas leaked due to the projector lamp rupture may be sucked into the mouth or contact with the eyes.

c). If the projector lamp breaks and you need to replace it with a new lamp, please ask the dealer where you purchased this product or the nearest dealer for replacement. When the projector lamp breaks, glass fragments will be scattered throughout the projector.

d). Especially in the case of top-down installation, small glass fragments may fall when opening the projector lamp cover. If you clean the projector or replace the lamp yourself, please pay full attention to prevent debris from falling into your eyes or mouth. If the lamp breaks, the vented gas is sucked into the mouth or glass fragments fall into the eyes or mouth, or any other adverse reaction is found, please seek medical advice immediately.

21. If there is a thunderstorm, please do not touch the power plug, otherwise, it may cause electric shock.

22. Clean the inside of the projector every two years. Ask your dealer to clean the inside of the projector approximately every two years. If it has not been cleaned for a long time, the dust accumulated inside the projector may cause a fire or malfunction. It is more effective to clean before each wet season (eg, rainy season, etc.). Ask your dealer for details about internal cleaning.

23. If the remote control uses button batteries, please keep the batteries out of the reach of children. If swallowed, the battery can suffocate people and is very dangerous. Once the battery is swallowed, please call a doctor immediately

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