Singapore Economic Development Board and Swiss Longsha set up biopharmaceutical factory

Bio * One Capital, a biopharmaceutical investment agency of the Singapore Economic Development Board, will jointly establish a biopharmaceutical factory in Singapore with Lonza. The plant will produce commercially active pharmaceutical ingredients for the biopharmaceutical industry. It believes that it can drive Singapore into an Asian biomedical hub. The construction work will be carried out in two stages. The first phase of construction of the factory shell will begin at the end of this year. After completing the construction of the factory shell, the factory will be completed within the next 24 months. The plant will have four mammal bioreactor containers. Each container can hold up to 20,000 liters. The main company of Lonza in Basel, Switzerland, is a chemical and biotechnology company that drives life sciences. He employs 5,700 people in 18 manufacturing and research and development locations around the world.

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