The cloakroom makes the most of the perfect storage space

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the home decoration design, there are often several details about the design of the cloakroom that are easily overlooked by us. How to make the cloakroom of a few square meters fully play the role of storage has become the primary consideration of wardrobe design.

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The cloakroom makes the most of the perfect storage space

1. The frame glasses, eye drops, paper towels, table lamps and CDs are all stored on the bedside table. The small secretary at the bedside allows you to pick up the necessary supplies and avoid getting up and taking things cool.

2, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, jade comb, mask, facial milk... all kinds of small items are classified in the drawer compartment, easy to take and find, retain more precious morning time;

3, use the drawer to replace the TV cabinet, LCD TV and other large items on the counter, the lower space can put books and DVDs, enjoy the audio-visual sleep.

Social people frequently enter and leave various social places, business receptions, fashion conferences, high-level social dinners, family and friends gatherings, and they are on different stages. A tasteful line is a symbol of identity and mood. A separate cloakroom is a must.

The clothes are scattered everywhere, which will make the warm home look cold and the heart will be more depressed. Four-sided baskets, compartment drawers, lift rails, side pull shoe racks, and tie racks make your clothes clear and harmonious.

Not to worry about not being able to put your clothes in the cloakroom. In fact, a few square meters of cloakroom can perfectly accommodate the clothing of the whole family.

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