Solid wood custom-made and fully-opened

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, the competition in the decoration market has been opened. As for the mainstream home improvement enterprises in Hunan, environmental protection, durability and safety have become the core selling points. Zhu Li, the chairman of Yipin Decoration, introduced many of the first-generation home improvement products on the market. The solid wood custom-made clothing was well received, not only environmentally friendly, high quality, but also the impression that “everything is expensive”.

On February 22nd, the products will be launched in 2014, and the new products will be listed on the first floor. The 100-seat quality model room will be collected simultaneously, covering the basic decoration, main materials, kitchen appliances, and soft clothes. The 78,800 yuan will be completed in 2 rooms and 2 rooms. , 98,800 yuan to get 3 rooms and 2 halls full installation, the owner of the phone reservation, on-site consultation can get a surprise gift, the owner of the sign can enjoy ten major gifts, accept the reservation from now on.

German-style process system

In the decoration market, the solid wood installation is not only eco-friendly, but also has high value. It has been expected by more and more consumers and has become the first choice for middle and high-end owners. At the same time, the owner's choice of solid wood packaging is gradually returning to rationality and science. Instead of paying attention to the price of the product, it is concerned about whether the product is truly environmentally friendly, and at the same time more consider the product's individuality and cost performance.

“In 2013, Yipin Decoration successfully launched solid wood high-end customized products, and now it has become a major mainstream brand of Hunan solid wood health home decoration.” The reporter learned that the decoration company draws on the rigorous German-style craft system to high environmental protection and high quality home decoration. The materials are customized for waterways, circuits, hardware, and woodwork to create high-quality custom-made products.

In addition, the decoration of the products also comprehensively upgraded the ten concealed projects such as strong electricity, weak electricity, paint and ceiling, and through the group procurement, the one-stop purchase of high cost performance, convenient and quick, so that the home decoration realized The whole room solid wood customization, which is respected and not expensive, has won the praise of consumers and industry experts.

In 2014, the products were introduced into the world famous building materials such as Philips of the Netherlands, Weishuibao of Germany, Häfele of Germany, Henkel, Germany, Sika of Switzerland, Knauf of Germany, Weissberg of Germany, and WAGO strong electrical connectors of Germany. On the basis of the original, the 22-German zero-aldehyde ecological process was comprehensively upgraded, which laid a foundation for the quality of the solid wood.

Home improvement 0 formaldehyde 0 benzene is healthier

In recent years, the owner's home improvement consumption has become more rational, and environmental protection and personalization have become the focus of purchase. The new product released this time has the advantages of 0 formaldehyde and 0 benzene. Yao Baolin, president of Hunan Interior Decoration Association, analyzed that the decoration of the product has experienced many years of precipitation on the solid wood installation. Relying on the 100-mu solid wood custom production factory built by itself, it can push the solid wood custom-made products to a new high.

In terms of specific practices, the product decoration introduces the solid wood ecological products at the forefront of the international home, combined with the advantages of its own factory production platform, using more than 10 kinds of natural ecological wood as raw materials, with the German Haomai automatic dust-free custom production line, forming Hunan The industry's leading solid wood custom factory production base.

It is understood that the decoration of the first solid wood custom-made new products, covering 38 categories of all-room solid wood custom products, nearly a thousand kinds of colors for the owners to choose, can meet the personalized needs of consumers high-end solid wood customization.

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