Analysis of the influence of landslide on pipeline safety

Landslide is a kind of unfavorable geological disaster phenomenon in which the boundary of a large number of soil or rock bodies on the slope produces shear failure. Under the action of gravity, the soil or rock body slides down along the soft sliding surface as a whole. Because the landslide body is composed of weak lithology and easily weathered yellow clay with sand and gravel, and the slope is steep, especially the yellow clay is easy to soften when it encounters water. At that time, it was also hit by 7 days and nights of heavy rain. The self-weight increases during scouring, when the self-weight increases to the boundary of a large number of soils or rock masses on the slope, and the resulting shear stress and strain exceeds the limit, a large amount of weathered gravel rock mass and sand gravel yellow clay are under gravity Under the action, it will slide along a certain sliding surface, and this time a large 31m wide landslide occurred.

For the safety of the pipeline, the design rules of the crude oil long-distance pipeline route stipulate that the pipeline should not be laid in unfavorable geological areas such as landslides. However, the laying of the Gela pipeline in the Yangbajing Shixia, a 30km continuous mountain, is inevitably threatened by landslides, because the Gela pipeline of the landslide is located on the slope of the slope 35b on the left side of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway. On the right side of the road is the Lhasa River, which has deep currents, and the banks are steep, vertical, and rocky mountains, and there are no pipelines to pass through.

The movement process of landslide is usually from creep to gradual transition to abrupt change. Due to the very slow displacement of the landslide in the creep stage, or due to the negligence of the survey work, the existence of the landslide was not found during the route selection process, and it was possible to inadvertently lay the pipeline on the landslide body. In this case, the landslide was not remedied in advance, and no monitoring measures were taken during operation. Once the landslide occurred, it was easy to cause a pipeline breakage accident and cause a large amount of crude oil leakage.

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