Alexander Wang launches high-tech thermal color change package

Alexander Wang Qiudong series show

Business News February 19th Almost every fashion show, including all the accessories, including bags, is the foil of the corresponding clothing . However, according to the "ELLE" magazine website reported on February 12th, in the autumn and winter fashion show that Alexander Wang just held last Saturday, the bags have dominated, and they have a feeling of being a master.

Not only did he boldly innovate in the material of the bag, he chose a high-tech thermochromic material to change the color of the bag as the temperature changes. At the same time, in this show, Alexander Wang also broke through the convention and also allowed the model to wear a variety of bags to show the main position of the package in this season.

These new autumn bags from Alexander Wang will be available in August 2014, but fans will be able to purchase Chastity bags on the website from February 12 ($375, or about $2,272). Which high-tech bag by Alexander Wang personally penned, and this year's autumn series of the same strain. The same thermal fabric , retro style lets you relive the fashion style of the 1990s, stunning design, what are you waiting for!

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