Extended Hydrocarbon Analysis I (PLOT column for petrochemical applications)

Extended Hydrocarbon Analysis I Column: GS-Alumina, 115-3532, 30 mx 0.53 mm Carrier gas: helium, 52 cm / sec (6.7 mL / min), column oven at 100oC: 100oC for 1 min, 8oC / min from 100oC to 140oC 140oC for 0.5 min, 30oC / min from 140oC to 200oC Injection: split, 250oC, split ratio 1: 8 Detector: FID, 275oC, nitrogen makeup gas 29 mL / min Sample: 300 μL injection, 100 ppm concentration. V SUMMA cannister mixture. Recommended spare parts Septa: 11 mm premium green septa, 5183-4759 Lining: straight tube, 1.5 mm inner diameter, 18740-80200 gasket: split plate, 18740-20885

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