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Office supplies are a task that every company must face. It is related to the office environment of office workers and the use of office appliances. It is an indispensable condition for modern office work. Good office supplies can be greatly configured. Give full play to the ability of employees and improve office efficiency; on the contrary, it will greatly affect the enthusiasm of office workers, and it will make office efficiency inferior. Nowadays, more and more enterprise procurement personnel are paying attention to the procurement of office supplies. So which office supplies brands are worth recommending? Today, Xiaobian has compiled a number of well-known office supplies brands for everyone.

1, M&G morning light

As we all know, M&G Chenguang is the most trusted brand. There are many people who have been buying Chenguang stationery products since they were young. Chenguang Stationery Headquarters is located in Shanghai. The product range covers a wide range of student stationery and office stationery such as pens, school bags, painting materials, plasticine, glue, rubber, rulers, correction tools, and transcripts. Personally, M&G Chenguang's signature pen series is very popular among white-collar workers.

2, together

Shenzhen Qixin Stationery Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 93.33 million yuan. The main products include document management supplies, office equipment, office stationery, paper products, writing tools, packaging supplies, display supplies and student supplies. Xiao Bian believes that the quality of the various folders is really good.

Since there are many types of single items involved in office supplies, it is often desirable for enterprise or school office supplies purchasers to complete the procurement of all goods in one place. Huicheng Wenyi can fully meet the various needs of purchasing personnel. Whether it is small to ink or large, computer or furniture, administrative procurement personnel can complete a series of accurately and quickly without sitting in the office. Procurement work.

3, effective

Deli is another trusted brand for office supplies. Its products include office stationery, student stationery, business machines, writing instruments, office electronics, IT consumables, and paper products. Everyday sales can also be felt, the products of effective products are very wide, and some of the company's products require strong use, but many products that have been effective this year have increased prices, and some even rose 25%. I don’t know this year. Whether the sales of effective products will be affected.

The procurement of office supplies is actually a very deep learning. For the procurement staff of enterprises, their biggest goal is to achieve the maximum procurement configuration with the least amount of money. This is the ultimate goal of procurement, and at the same time satisfying this premise. At the same time, they hope that they can have a channel that allows them to purchase all the things they need at one time, so they will save a lot of trouble. Colip Mall is such a trustworthy office direct online platform.

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