Beautiful home KD33 wardrobe simple modern natural fashion

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] "Beautiful home" fashion furniture is the latest masterpiece of Evergrande for the fashion family. It is positioned in fashion, nature and pure beauty. The design is characterized by smooth lines, with different colors, simple and modern style. Natural fashion, devotion to the young people's sunny living space, its outstanding representative of the beautiful home KD33 wardrobe .

Beautiful home KD33 wardrobe

The beautiful home KD33 wardrobe suddenly focused on our eyes, is the sliding door with a dressing mirror on the closet. Such a design is relatively rare on the market, and it is also a unique design that appeals to it. A long and thin mirror can facilitate women's daily changing of the mirror, but also enhances the overall brightness of the bedroom, and also well decorated the unchanging wardrobe surface, it is a multi-tasking.


The bright mirror and the bright metal lines on the closet door make up the important decoration of the wardrobe. The color change of the white and blue color also adds a lot to the wardrobe. On the white panel, the light blue twig pattern echoes the blue panel below, making the look of the entire wardrobe look simple and rich, very beautiful.

Beautiful home wardrobe

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Beautiful home KD33 wardrobe design

Beautiful home KD33 wardrobe closet sheet, storage space

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