What to do if you walk alone in the wild

In order to avoid this situation, usually take care of each other and avoid acting alone. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider in advance the processing method if you fall behind.

First of all, all team members must make sure of the distance and the destination. They cannot appoint everything to the team leader and they only follow behind intently.

Secondly, everyone must bring maps and compasses, water bottles, food, and necessary personal equipment such as lamps. Never use a three-person shared kettle. In addition, the destination and the scheduled arrival time must be determined in advance.

If it is not easy to join the team when leaving the team, if you are certain that you can continue to get to the destination, you will continue to move according to the plan. For the team, if it is more than a predetermined time and the team cannot reach the destination, The next step should be taken into consideration. The decision is whether to send people to find or stay in the same place. This kind of judgment should be based on their own experience and the conditions at that time. For example, what is the physical condition of everyone, the complexity of the terrain, and the high degree of risk? Decision.

Liquid metal is non-toxic and has very good biocompatibility, therefore it was also approved as implantable material for the medical aera. And also by grace of its superior corrosion resistance character, liquid metal material medical parts can be long life served in Corrosive Atmosphere of Human body.
It is highly recommended to make the medical parts / surgical tools in liquid metal material due to its non-toxic character, which is no harm to our human body at all. 
Because silver is one of the components of our liquid metal, so it also has the bacteria-resistance function.
Liquid metal has been used in the medical application as well such as the surgical knife, surgical screws and medical tweezers etc-                           Components made from these materials are extremely hard, but at the same time very elastic, which leads to very good recovery behavior.           Medical forceps sees good potential for Liquid metal technology in the field of medical technology.Therefore we have the reason to believe that more and more  molded parts for medical forceps/parts will be produced with Liquid metal alloy in the short future.

Liquid Metal Surgical Knife / Screws

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